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Best Buys Compared – Because You Deserve the UK’s Best (Only Cheaper)

Best Buys Compared is based on our UK consumer market research into a range of consumer goods and services.

Our approach is simple: First we survey existing owners in a particular category. Take, for example, our latest reports: Best Buys for 7 inch Tablet PCs, the updated Steam Generator Irons Comparison Survey and the new Best Buys for eReaders consumer poll

Next, we put together easy to use, side-by-side comparison tables including an “Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating” based on a minimum period of use (usually 6 weeks, sometimes 3 months). Then we find you the best bargain for the least price.

Compare the Best Buys here...At A Glance  Compare Steam Irons To Find Your Best Buy  Compare The Best Steam Generator Irons  Which Is The Best Ironing Board?  Compare The Best Hot Air Brushes  Compare Hair Dryers & Find The Best  Which Is The Best Hair Straightener?  Best Epilators Comparison 

Which is the best shaver for women?  Which Interdental Brushes Are Best?  Compare Best Electric Toothbrushes  The Best Oral Irrigators Comparison  Compare The Best Beard Trimmers Side by Side  Compare The Best Mens Wet Razors at a Glance  Compare The Best Electric Shavers  Compare Frying Pans & Find The Best 

Compare The Best Saucepan Sets Easily  Compare Kitchen Scales  Compare best hand blenders  Which is the best stand mixer? Compare it here  PC Headsets Compared  Which is the best 7  The Best eReaders Compared   Best 40 Inch TVs Compared

Which is the best LED TV?  Compare The Best Paper Shredders  Which is the Best Cordless Phone?  Best Panasonic Cordless Phones  

Helping You Choose - Making Word of Mouth Work for You

Wouldn’t it be helpful to ask a lot of people - who already own the exact model you are considering - whether it does the job and is worth the money?

Well, asking existing users/owners for an opinion is exactly what we do.

Our user survey program quickly identifies the dependable models in a category. You can see them at a glance here:

Top 10 Best Buys for You  | Updated January 2017

Here's just a few of our user nominated, top ten best buys for different categories:

Help me choose the best buys for  Top eReaders  Top Handheld PCs  Top 10 Stand mixers      

You can easily compare the best - at-a-glance - without being confused by too many choices.


Best Buys for You – How We Make Recommendations

To make best buy recommendations we first track down and survey people who already own and use the products that interest you. For example, check out our recently published guide to LED TVs including SMART and 3D models - Which is the best LED TV to buy?

Which are the best buys?

Our responders are people who’ve used the product for at least 6 weeks, often longer.

That’s long enough for glowing first impressions to fade.

Next, we ask them a set of questions about the good (and bad) points of their purchase. They usually rate the particular model they own for:

• Design
• Simplicity in use
• Effective performance
• Reliability
• Overall value for money

The results of our surveys are published here at Best Buys for You Surveys


Compare the Best Buys for You

From our user surveys we make simple, at-a-glance, comparison tables.

Compare the best buys for models

That means you can simply compare like for like to find the best buys for your money and needs:

Compare the best buys | Updated January 2017


About Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating

The Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating derives from the key question in the short survey owners/users complete:

“You’ve lived with your purchase for six or more weeks. Now, consider how much you paid for it, plus how well it does its job for you. What overall rating out of 10 will you give your purchase now?”

We then combine all these individual ratings per model to arrive at the Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating you see on the pages of this website.



Which Is The Best eReader?

The Best eReaders User SurveyA wireless eReader gives you the means to carry and display many books or documents in one, light-weight device. In fact one electronic book reader can store an entire library of around 1000 books. You can download paid for content in less than a minute or easily transfer free content by wireless or cable direct from your PC.

Prices are falling, but which is the best eReader for your money? We uncovered the answer through interviews among 9,000 owners participating in our electronic book reader user survey.

Which is the best eReader?  |  Compare the best eReaders  |  Top electronic book readers


Which 7 Inch Tablet PC Is Best?

7 Inch Tablet PC User SurveyA 7” tablet PC offers a use anywhere computer resource. These light-weight, slate PCs can be held in one hand, yet can display/play the internet, movies, music, ebooks and a huge range of social and hobby related apps.

Prices are falling, but which handheld PC is best? We discovered the answer by talking to thousands of owns in our tablet PC user poll.

Which is the best 7” tablet PC?  |  Compare smaller tablet PCs  |  Top handheld PCs  



What’s The Best Stand Mixer For Your Kitchen?

Stand Mixers User SurveyA counter top mixer provides a labour-saving way to prepare all sorts of food mixes from Victoria sponge to the stickiest bread dough. But which is best? We found out through a stand mixer user survey among both home and small business users:

Which stand mixer is best?  |  Top 10 stand mixers




Which PC Headset Is Best?

A PC headset combines earphones for listening and a microphone for talking. They plug into your PC, Laptop or Tablet PC. (You can switch off and store the microphone when not required).

These headphone/mic combos are great for gaming, listening to music (or a film sound track), Skype calls and PC chat. UK users told us which are the best PC headsets:

Compare best PC headsets  |  Help me choose from the top PC headphones



Which Are The Best Kitchen Scales?

If you’ve a need to measure precise quantities of food ingredients you’ll need a set of kitchen scales. Our consumer report investigated the latest digital models and some of the best mechanical types.

What are the best kitchen scales?   |  Help me choose among top kitchen scales


Which Is The Best Hand Blender?

Hand blenders, sometimes known as stick or immersion blenders are a handy aid to quick food preparation. Our latest owner research showcases the models that can be relied upon to puree, blend and chop everything from baby food to soup to smoothies - in seconds.

Which is the best hand blender?  |  Help me choose - Top hand blenders


Which Panasonic Cordless Phone Is Best?

Panasonic cordless phones lead in the provision of landline telephones. Check out our at-a-glance comparisons of the best models Panasonic has to offer (and the best prices, too). Our user-led recommendations will help you pick a winner and cut through marketing gibberish like IP POTS or DECT. 

Which Panasonic Cordless Phone is best?  |  Top Panasonic Cordless Phones


Which Cordless Phone Is Best?

Cordless phones for landline home phones offer both convenience and a dash of digital wizardry. Our latest consumer research reveals which models offer DECT clarity, plus useful functions like wake-up alarms, answerphones and receiving SMS text messages.

Which cordless phone is best for your money?  |  Top cordless phones


Which Oral Irrigator Is Best?

Oral irrigators (sometimes known as water flossers) are the home version of those nifty water squirters that dentists use. An oral irrigator provides a powerful (harmless) water jet that cleans between teeth and along the gum-line. Using a water flosser is painless and less invasive than, say, dental floss. It also makes perfect sense if you have an orthodontic brace or bridge-work that cannot be properly cleaned by floss or interdental brushes.

Compare oral irrigators at a glance here  |  Top water flossers


Which Are The Best Paper Shredders For Home Use?

Compared to incinerators, tearing-up, composting and the like, shredders are safe, quick & convenient. Over the past six months we've been surveying users to find the best cross-cut shredders for domestic (or small office) use.

Find the best buys in our Paper Shredders for Home Use Survey.

Compare paper shredders for home use  | Best paper shredders for home or office 


Which Is The Best Women's Electric Shaver? Our Survey Reveals All 

Are women's electric shavers as well thought of as equivalent men's razors? Our user survey revealed that users value epilators above women's shavers. However, if you are in a hurry a woman's electric shaver can be handy. We reveal the best shaver for women, here on our at-a-glance comparison tables.

Compare the best shaver for women  


Which Are The Best Buy Hot Air Brushes? User Survey

Hot air brushes, also known as rotating hot air stylers promise to add body or volume to your hair. They can also be used to create natural looking curls and waves in hair. Our survey revealed which models are most dependable for great looking hair.

Which Hot Air Brush is best? Survey Findings


Which Are the Best Ironing Boards? Consumer Report

Ironing Boards (sometimes known as ironing tables) are often overlooked, but they can help you swiftly through that ironing chore – or give you backache.

We found our from the experts (ordinary UK users) which are the best buys for ironing boards to suit either a regular steam iron or one of those hulking steam generator irons.

Compare Ironing Boards 


The Best Buys Compared Epilators Report 

Epilators promise to remove unwanted hair for up to 3 weeks of silky smoothness on legs, arms, even on the face. Among the models recommended by users were the Braun 7871, Braun 7681 and Panasonic ES-WD42. But do they deliver on their promises? We’ve interviewed 4,980 women in order to find out. You can read our report here:

 Which epilator is the best? Survey  |  Best epilators   |  Compare epilators


Best Buys for Steam Irons Buyers Poll - Updated 2017

There are dozens of steam irons on the UK market. They range in price from under a tenner to over ninety pounds.

So, we set out to simplify things. Now, we can reveal (through all new and updated tables) which are the reliable, effective and easy to use best buy irons 2017.

Best buys for steam irons user survey  | Best buy irons  |  Compare irons 


Best Buys Guide To Interdental Cleaners & Floss 

This guide is about those little tools that help you winkle out food particles and dislodge plaque: The humble interdental cleaners and floss.

Compare interdental cleaners


Best Buys For Electric Toothbrushes User Survey

Dentists and hygienists are forever advising us to invest in an electric toothbrush in order to better maintain our teeth and gums.

But which is the best electric toothbrush for you? A cheap one, or a luxury brush with numerous cleaning “modes" and a large price tag to boot?

We’ve polled a cross section of the people who probably know the answer to this question: UK users who have six or more weeks experience using a current model rechargeable toothbrush.

Electric toothbrush ratings & reviews survey |  Compare electric toothbrushes   |  Which Electric Toothbrush is best? 


Best Buys For 40 Inch TVs Owners Research 

Today, 40 inch TVs come in a bewildering array of specifications: Full 1080p high definition, 3D-ready and Smart TV capabilities. But which is your best buy?

Over the past 6 months we’ve been building a panel of the experts who know best – UK owners and users who’ve already taken the plunge and invested in one of the latest TVs

So far we’ve surveyed more than 1,900 40 inch TV owners to find out which offer the best picture and, most importantly, which have the right array of connector sockets on the back and side. We believe we’ve uncovered the answer to the question “which 40 Inch TV is the best?”

Which 40 inch LED TV is best?  |  Compare 40 Inch TVs  | Best 40 inch TV 


Best Buys in Hair Straighteners Owners Survey 

Over the past year we’ve interviewed more than 3,000 hair straightener users – in order to find out which can dry and straighten your hair safely and quickly. Also, which model can put in a wave, a curl or even a crimp? We think we’ve got the answer to “which hair straightener is my best buy?”

Which hair straighteners are best?  |  What to look for when buying hair straighteners

Hair Straighteners Comparison  | Best hair straighteners 


Best Buy Beard Trimmers Users Survey

Beard trimmers are designed to trim & style facial hair including side-burns, moustaches, goatees, full beards and the stubble look. More than 1400 men helped us home in on the answer to “which beard trimmer is best?”

Beard trimmer consumer report  | Compare beard trimmers  | Best beard trimmers for men 


Best Buy Hair Dryers Family Survey

To make our Best Buys Hair Dryer consumer report we built a panel of more than 1600 people. With our user panel’s help we’ve come up with the answer to which hair dryer is best?

Here’s where you’ll find the right hairdryer for home, travel or professional salon use:

Best buy hairdryers survey  | Which hair dryer is Best?  | Compare hair dryers  


Best Buy Men's Electric Shavers Survey

In researching our Best Buy Electric Shavers user survey we interviewed more than 1800 owners. So, we can reasonably state we’ve found the answer to which electric shavers are best in Britain: The ones that deliver the most satisfying close, comfortable shave – at the right price!

Best buy electric shaver user survey  |  Which electric shaver is best  | Electric shavers compared 


Best Buys Compared Guide To Wet Razors (for Men & Women)

Our user poll has uncovered which are the best DE safety and cartridge razors for a smooth wet shave.

Compare wet razors  by Overall Users' Satisfaction rating


Best Buy Saucepans Buyers & Users Survey

Whether you are ringing the changes, buying a wedding present or setting up home, you’ll want a saucepans set. We found out which are best value for money, by asking the opinion of existing owners:

Best buy saucepans  |  Which saucepans are best  |  Which saucepans for induction hobs? 

Which saucepans for ceramic hobs?  |  Compare saucepans at-a-glance  |  How to buy saucepans that are right for you

Best Buy Frying Pans Cooks Survey

Every home has a frying pan and they do more than just fry ups. Our owner poll uncovered the factors that separate a useful frying pan from a dud:

 Best buy frying pans survey  |  Which frying pan is best?  | Which frying pan for steak? 

Which frying pan for induction hobs?  |  Which frying pans are safe for the oven? 

Quickly find the best with our frying pan comparison 


Best Buys For Steam Generator Irons Owners Survey Updated 2017

Steam generator irons (sometimes known as pressurised steam irons) promise to halve the time you spend ironing.

Our updated survey reveals which are the best buy steam generator irons 2017 and the reason why.

Best Buys for Steam Generator Irons Survey  |  Best Buy Steam Generator Irons  

Compare Steam Generator Irons


The Best Buys For You On UK Sale at 50% Or More OFF Now

Why pay inflated high street retail prices? We know where to source the best buys for you at the cheapest prices:

The cheapest best buys 

Best Buys Compared Reviews

What are Best Buys Compared reviews? This is the place where we review those products unique enough to create a category all their own.

These gadgets are useful stuff that can make your life a little easier and, perhaps, more enjoyable, too.

Best Buys for reviews & reports 

Here’s a list of the Best Buys Compared Reviews published so far:

Karcher Window Cleaner (Karcher WV50 window vacuum)

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File

Emjoi Micro-Pedi portable electric pedicure

What Best Buys Compared Means to You

What Best Buys Compared means to you? It's simple: We find out – from existing users - the best buys in a category and where you can find the biggest savings off the retail price.

Using our consumer market research we make your shopping research easier.

We narrow down choices to the top 10 best products per category that British users recommend.

Our rankings are based on design, ease of use, performance, dependability and value for your money.

We know the right product or model for the job, because its users have told us.

So, don’t regret a purchase again. The best UK buys for a given category await you here on the pages of Best Buys Compared