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About Best Buys Compared UK

My name is Clive Holt-Bailey, one of the editors of Best Buys Compared UK. Ed Langrish and I have worked for more than tenty years in consumer market research.

This website, Best Buys for You - came into being for two reasons:

In both market research surveys and focus groups one consumer bug-bear always crops up – too much choice confuses us.

For example there are over 40 models of steam iron produced by the Morphy Richards company alone. And many more are available from other manufacturers. So which is best? 

In the focus groups we run people often make comments like this:

“I like the idea of choice, but it’s so confusing and time wasting.

What I really want to know is which model is the best and where can I buy it for the cheapest price?”

No doubt you, too, appreciate this comment.

Which is best - help me choose   Cheapest best buys

Because they know we run consumer surveys on behalf of manufacturers, people are always asking Ed and I to recommend the best gadget for a particular job or leisure activity.

So we made this website - Best Buys Compared - to share the findings of our own consumer surveys.


• Uncovered the best buys in a given category
• Discovered the key things good or bad you should know about a product
• Provided at-a-glance comparison pages
• Researched the keenest deals and best prices – UK-wide

Compare the best buys
About the Overall Users' Satisfaction Rating

To arrive at the best in category we survey people who already own a particular model and have done so for 6 plus weeks.

That’s long enough for glowing first impressions to be tested by real life.

The Overall Users' Satisfaction Rating comes from the final question in the short survey we put to owners and users:

“You’ve lived with your XYZ for six or more weeks. Now, taking into account how much you paid
for your XYZ and how well it does its job for you, please give your purchase an Overall Users’ Rating out of 10.”

We then combine all these individual ratings to arrive at the Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating you see on the pages of this website.

So now you, too, can find out how fellow users rate models in a category, discover the plus and minus points you should watch out for and get the unbiased low down on the best buys in a category.

Our motto is:

Why settle for the cheap & shoddy
when you can have
the best buy at the cheapest price?

We think you'll agree.

And This Information is at No Cost to You

Best of all, the results of our independent surveys, reviews and recommendations are completely gratis.

So, enjoy our free guides to making the right purchase decision.

And save yourself both time and money.

Here’s to you - the canny buyer…

Best wishes

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Clive Holt-Bailey and Ed Langrish - Editors, Best Buys for You Compared UK

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