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Amazon Basics 12 Sheet AU1228XB – Paper Shredder Review

The Amazon Basics 12 Sheet AU1228XB is a paper shredder for home use. In offices it can be used as a personal, desk-side shredder for low duty use. It will also render CDs or DVDs unreadable, too.

Amazon Basics 12 Sheet Unsurprisingly cheaper hereThe Basics AU1228XB is a “lift off” document shredder that delivers a cross-cut to paper. That means the paper is cut into strips and the strips into fragments, in this case, 5x55mm long.

With this model the paper destroyer sits atop a generous plastic waste bin. There’s a porthole, so you know when the bin is full with paper shreds.

A paper shredder is a handy way to dispose of junk mail, private financial reports and statements. It preserves privacy and prevents document based identity fraud.

This particular Amazon model has a security or DIN rating of DIN 3. That means the paper chaff produced is indecipherable.

Amazon Basics 12 Sheet Shredder - What’s in the Box?

1 x Amazon Basics 12 Sheet Shredder cross-cut paper shredder
1 x Compatible 21L waste basket with view port
1 x illustrated user manual
1 x 1 year guarantee

Amazon Basics 12 Sheet AU1228XB - at a Glance Benefits

The Amazon Basics 12 Sheet AU1228XB is variation on the classic lift off shredder design. The cross cut cutter head fits securely onto an enclosed plastic waste bin with a viewing window for convenience.

Quick Convenient Operation

• The AU1228XB is suitable for home office or as a personal, desk-side shredder
• Clear, icon-led operation
• Shreds up to 12 sheets A4 in one pass
• Reverse function to cope with jams
• Safety cut out when cutter lifted from basket
• Needs to be side of desk as controls are on top
• Destroys CDs/DVDs
• DIN 3 security rating – 5x55mm confetti shreds

Compact Cross-cut Confetti Waste

• Paper shreds fall into 21L dust-free plastic waste bin
• Stores paper particles from c200 sheets of A4
• Viewing port  shows when bin is full
• The paper confetti compacts for ease of recycling

All Amazon Basics 12 Sheet Benefits & Features

Model Amazon Basics 12 Sheet CD
Overall Users' Satisfaction Rating 8.76/10
Home Office best buy Y
Office best buy #
Expect to pay £45
Home or office use Home Office
Personal or shared Personal
Static or castors S
Cross-cut (XC) or ribbon cut (RC) XC
No sheets cut in 1 feed 12
Shred speed c2m/min
Continuous shred endurance 3-5mins
Cool down period 30mins
Lift off or slide out LO
Waste bin capacity 21L
Waste bin capcity in A4 sheets c210
Anti-dust waste bin Y
Shred paper clips #
Shred staples Y
Shred credit cards Y
Shred DVD/CDs Y
Security rating DIN2
Shred size 5x55mm
Throat width 220mm
Power mains
SafeSense  Y
Auto stop/start Y
Reverse Y
Thermal cut-out Y
Safety cut out on bin removal Y
WxDxH mm 317x226x398mm
Noise c70DB

Amazon Basics 12 Sheet Criticisms

The cutter head does not nest securely on the plastic bin so the Amazon Basics AU1228XB can be tricky to move.

CD/DVD cutter dulls and cannot be re-sharpened

In practice does not shred 12 sheets in one go, around 7 sheets is a more practicable task

The enclosed waste bin stops paper dust. However, at waste bin emptying time, you have to lift off the cutter head. This will deposit some paper shreds onto the floor/desk.

This last criticism is typical of any lift-off paper shredder.

At Best Buys for we make use of our owner surveys to uncover not only the cheapest, but also the best paper shredders for home use.

It’s true, for peace of mind; you can’t beat the security delivered by a cross cut shredder. This reasonably high endurance model, chomps through sensitive papers, confidential statements and private documents, including any staples. Your privacy and identity protection deserve no less.

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