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Best Buys for user surveys are designed to find out the good (or bad) points of the best models in a category. And we get our insight from the people who know – not experts – but the owners and users themselves.

These are the people who’ve shelled out their hard earned cash and have lived with the product for six weeks – or more. That’s long enough for rosy first impressions to fade.

Best Buys for Steam Irons Survey

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Find out here the qualities that make a product best in category.

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Best Buys for User Survey Reports

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Word of Mouth - Power to You

When you are researching to buy a product, it’s useful to ask others their opinion.

Of course, the more people you ask the better your understanding of which is the best model to buy - and which products you should avoid. But, there’s usually a limit to the people you can ask who already own the product.

That’s where we come in. Our surveys are standardised – we ask a lot of people from across the UK the same questions.

That way, our user survey program can identify the product features that really count towards user satisfaction. And we can also identify issues like ease of use or reliability.

Using this unbiased and independent information we compile our Best Buy user survey reports. And we put together the top 10 best buys in the category, so you aren’t overwhelmed by choice.

The results of our surveys are published here at Best Buys Compared Surveys.

Best Buys Compared Recommendations

Our recommendations are based purely on our Best Buys for you survey results. Often we find our best buy recommendations agree with other accolades like Amazon best buys or Which? recommendations.

And sometimes they don’t.

You see, the more people we survey the more clearly we see the best buys. That’s the best deals according to the people who really know: owners and users not so-called “experts”.

Take our best buy for saucepans the Judge Vista set. It wasn’t an “Amazon best buy” when we did our survey, yet it came out top with an overall users’ satisfaction rating of 9.64/10.

The reigning Amazon best buy saucepans set was the Tefal Essential range which came third in our survey with an overall users’ satisfaction rating of 9.51/10.

About Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating

In our survey tables you’ll find a User’s Satisfaction rating column.

The Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating derives from the last question in the short survey owners/users complete:

“You’ve lived with your purchase for six or more weeks. Now, consider how much you paid for it, plus how well it does its job for you. What overall rating out of 10 will you give your purchase now?”

We then combine all these individual ratings per model to arrive at the Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating you see on the pages of this website.

Best Buys for Reviews and User Test Reports

All Best Buys Compared reviews and user test reports are gratis.

That’s right - the findings of our independent user surveys, reviews, insights and recommendations are completely free of charge.

So enjoy our guides and make yourself the right buying choice.

We have the stress-free way to be a canny shopper – the Best Buys for User Surveys