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Best Buy Beard Trimmer Survey – UK

We carried out best buy beard trimmer survey to find out which beard shavers and stubble trimmers deliver flexible men’s facial hair styling in the UK today.

Beard Trimmers are probably cheapest hereThere are numerous beard and moustache trimmers from around a tenner to so-called salon professional trimmers that cost an eye-watering £100 or more.

We decided to ask the people who really know about this subject: Men who’ve owned and used their beard trimmer for six weeks or more. So far, we’ve surveyed more than fourteen hundred people.

With their help we’ve been able to compile this Best Buys for beard trimmer consumer report


Top 10 Beard Trimmers UK

If you need a quick recommendation for the best buy for beard, moustache and stubble clippers look no further than our top 10 beard trimmers page. Here are the top 10:

Top user rated beard trimmers  Philips QS6140  Wahl Performer 5537/217  Philips QS6160 StyleShaver  Remington MB320C 

 BaByliss 7890U I Stubble  Philips QT4022 ProStubble  Philips QG3250/32  Panasonic ER2403  Philips QT4050 Turbovac 

Wahl 9854 802  Philips QT4090/32  Panasonic ER2061

Compare Beard Trimmers 2017

If you’d like to compare beard trimmers for their features and benefits we’ve got a side-by-side comparison for you.

Our easy to use table incorporates what owners told us is important to them – things like:

Compare Beard Trimmers at a glance• How quick is the battery recharge?
• Can these clippers groom sideburns, beards, moustaches?
• Will these trimmers maintain a designer stubble look?
• Can you get great grooming results easily?
• Can you use these clippers wet or dry?
• And - how do existing owners rate their trimmer?


You’ll find the answers to these questions from the Best Buy Hair Trimmers Survey here at the Compare beard trimmers page.

Best Beard Trimmers for Men

Which beard trimmer is best?Which beard trimmer is best 2014? At Best Buys Compared we give you an in depth review of which clippers are good for your money. You’ll find recommendations for the top user-ranked trimmers as well as the best value models in the £30-50 range.

Plus, of course, the reason why these are the best beard trimmers for men.

7 Things You Should Look for in a Beard & Moustache Trimmer

Beard & moustache trimmers are lighter than hair clippers and less bulky than electric shavers. They are designed to be slim and light in weight so users can precisely trim and shape their facial hair: Side-burns, beard, moustache or goatee.

Here are the 7 qualities of an ideal trimmer that will help you develop and maintain a facial hair style quickly and easily:

Philips QS6140• Cordless or corded use
• A quick battery recharge time
• Wet or dry operation
• Precision – the ability to trim hair from 0.5mm upward
• Ability – to trim or style all kinds of men’s facial hair
• Designed for self-use
• Easy to clean & maintain

The Best Buy Beard Trimmer Survey revealed which models have these useful characteristics and benefits.

Here’s what these 7 trimmer qualities mean to you: quicker easier beard grooming and styling because:

Cordless or corded use
All the bear trimmers in our top 10 offer cordless operation, so no cord to get tangled up.

Quick battery recharge time
A dead beard trimmer is a useless one. So you want a model that either allows you to change batteries or offers a quick recharge time.

Wet or dry operation
Wet or dry operation is really useful if you have sensitive skin. It means you can shape your facial hair with the aid of shave gel or some other shaving balm.

Precision trimming
Precision means easily getting the right length of trim for the chosen task. The top ten trimmers can trim down to around 0.5mm that lets you tackle anything from maintaining a stubble look to trimming a bushy beard.

Any style ability
Ability means being up to the job of sculpting and maintaining anything from sharp sideburns, to a neat moustache, goatee or full beard.

Foolproof do it yourself
You want a gadget that’s light weight, so you can be precise in your actions for a well-defined look.

Easy to clean and maintain
Using one of these clippers you are going to generate little bits of hair. If the trimmer is dry operation you’ll have a brush. Some clippers have heads that can be rinsed. Best of all are the wet/dry models you can flush through while you shower.

Cheap Beard Trimmers

Here, at Best Buys for, we say don’t buy a cheap beard trimmer when you can buy the best beard trimmers cheaply. Our investigation shows savings of 20%-30%-50% off MRP? We found you can pick up a top model for around £30.

Cheaper beard trimmersThe Best Buy Beard Trimmers Survey offers practical answers to make your cash go further and deliver great men’s grooming more quickly and easily.

You deserve a side burn sharpening, moustache defining, goatee sculpting and beard neatening hair trimmer. Find it through our cheap beard trimmers page.


Take advantage of this report into the experience of fellow users and get yourself a reliable grooming bargain through the Best Buy Beard Trimmers survey