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Best buy for female epilatorsBraun 7681 Wet or Dry Epilator User Review

Braun 7681 cheapest hereThe Braun 7681 Silk-épil epilator is designed to fairly painlessly remove unwanted hairs from arms and legs. A range of clip-on attachments enable you to tackle sensitive areas like the Bikini line and even facial hair. There’s also a clip on foil shaver that can help under-arm grooming.

This Braun epilator contains a battery of tiny tweezers. These, grab and then speedily pluck hairs from the follicle. The 7681 has a pivoting head and guides to bring hairs into the reach of the tweezers. It also vibrates which can relax the skin and make plucking more gentle.

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Braun also includes a contrast light that throws the shadow of hairs making it less likely that you will miss one.

Braun claims, like most manufacturers, that the 7681 will deliver full hair removal for a period of three weeks. Unless you have very fine body hair a period of 14 days is more likely. All depends on how swiftly your hair regrows, its texture and, of course, colour.

Braun 7681 - What’s in the Box?

1 x Braun 7681 Silk-épil Rechargeable Epilator
1 x Clip-on efficiency cap
1 x Clip-on sensitive area cap
1 x Clip-on facial cap
1 x Clip-on foil shaver head
1 x Clip-on trimmer cap
1 x Packet Olay cooling wipes
1 x Charger for two-pin UK socket
1 x illustrated user instructions
1 x 1 year guarantee




Braun 7681 Silk-épil at a Glance Benefits

• Cordless operation
• Wet or Dry use
• Facial hair cap
• Head pivots & delivers relaxing vibration

Cordless operation

Cordless operation means you can use the Braun 7681 Silk-épil safely in the bathroom. You can even take this model into the bath for a relaxing grooming session.

Users often mention that removing unwanted hair in the bath is less painful because you are relaxed. It also means that plucked hairs are washed away with the bath water.

Wet or Dry use

Wet or dry use means convenience. You can thoroughly groom in the bathroom or make quick adjustments in the bedroom.

Facial hair cap

The Braun 7681 has a clip-on facial hair removal cap. This clips over the tweezer battery effectively reducing it to a very small area. That way you can precisely target annoying hairs.

Head pivots & delivers relaxing vibration

A pivoting head means this epilator can adapt to the contours of your body making it easier to remove hairs in one pass. It also delivers a pleasant vibration this is said to relax the skin making it easier to pluck hairs cleanly and painlessly.


All Braun 7681 Benefits


Make Braun 7681 Silk-épil Xpressive Pro
Overall Users' Satisfactiion rating 8.73/10
Ranked by users 2
Unwanted hair removal from:
Legs/arms/body Y
Sensitive/bikini line Y
Under arms Y
Face Y
Plucks hair to c0.5mm
Promises smoothness for c20 days
Reasonably painless hair removal:
Wet & dry? Y
Head pivots follows contours Y 15*
Personalise speed slow/fast
Vibrating massage Y
Hair lift to cut Y
Ice glove  
Olay cooling wipes Y
Beginners cap  
Gentle cap (Sensitive)  
Precision Sensitive area cap clip on
Smoothing cap (for legs)  
Foil Shaver/trimmer head clip on
Efficiency cap clip on
Unwanted facial hair cap clip on
Useful tools:
Built in contrast light Y
Cordless Y
Exfoliation brush  
Pedicure file  
Luxury manual tweezer  
Embedded micro-conditioners  
Technical details
Number of tweezers 40
Tweezer Disk type Y
Battery endurance c40 mins
Battery re-charge time c1hr
Battery recharger Y
2-pin plug Y
Washable  Y
Cleaning brush  

Braun 7681 Silk-épil Instructions

• User instructions are illustrated
• The Braun 7681 Silk-épil is easy to use in bath or bedroom
• 1 year guarantee starts from date of purchase
• Register by post or on-line




Braun 7681 Silk-épil Criticisms

Compared to a wet razor, the Braun 7681 is expensive. However, used correctly the smooth skin results last longer.

Some users commented on the relative noise of this particular model. That’s something no users mentioned about other Braun epilators in our Best Buys for top 10.

This is a cordless model that requires around an hour to recharge. Unlike, Philips epilators you cannot use the 7681 on the cord while its re-charging.

Some of our survey responders had bought the Braun 7681 specifically because of the facial cap. However, they were disappointed to find that dark facial hair less than 0.5mm is still visible and cannot be plucked.

Finally, if you hurriedly pass the epilator over the skin you are more likely to break hairs above the root. A thorough epilation requires time and attention.

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