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What’s The Best Cheap eReader?

eReaders let you store & display many books or documents on one light weight, wireless device. They do one thing well – let you read books – so are very simple to use. They also incorporate a look-up dictionary and the ability to set one or many book marks.

Prices are falling and our electronic book reader user survey has revealed which is the best cheap eReader for your money? 

Which Is The Best Cheapest 7” Tablet PC?

7” tablet PCs offer a light-weight, handheld PC resource. Make sure you buy the right model with a responsive, high definition screen. Then you and the family can surf the web at home or on the go. You can also watch movies, play music, read eBooks and, of course, play games. The results of our latest owner poll reveal the best cheap 7” tablet PCs …>>>

What’s The Best Counter Top Mixer For Your Kitchen?

Stand mixers can mix a few or many egg whites and cope with single to multiple cake mixes and heavy bread dough. Invest in the right model and you can clip on many useful accessories like a food processor – even an ice-cream maker. Our latest user survey shows you the best cheap stand mixers …>>>

Which Is The Best Cheap PC Headset?

PC headsets combine earphones with a microphone (that you can stow). That makes computer headphones great for gaming, Skype calls, online chatting and listening to music. So what’s a good, cheap make? We found out through a user survey – see the best cheap PC headsets here…>>>

What Are The Best Cheap Kitchen Scales?

Digital kitchen scales can measure precise quantities of one or many ingredients. Our survey reveals which kitchen scales are best and where you can get them for less. The best cheap kitchen scales are here ...>>>


Which Is The Best Hand Blender And Where Can You Buy It For Less?

With a an immersion blender you can puree, chop, whisk and blend small to medium quantities of food and drink. Stuff like milk-shakes, smoothies, soups, sauces and baby foods. We'll help you buy hand blenders for less here ...>>> 


Where Can You Buy The Best Panasonic Phone On Offer?

Panasonic landline phones outshine most other brands. We'll not only show you the best model for your money - we'll also show you where to buy it for less. Find the best cheap Panasonic DECT phones here...>>>


Which is the Best Cordless Phone at the Best Price? 

There's no doubt, a modern DECT cordless phone is packed with useful features, but we'd still like a bargain. Our consumer survey has revealed which are the best cordless phones and our shopping comparison service - best cheap cordless phones - will help you track down a bargain 


Where Can You Find The Best Cheap Oral Irrigator for Your Teeth & Gums?

For people who hate floss or who have orthodontic braces or bridge-work, a water flosser could be a boon. Not only have we uncovered, with the help of users, the best models we can also help you find the best buy for oral irrigators on our price comparison pages.


Where Can You Find The Best Cheap Paper Shredders for Home Use?

With the help of users we've found the best paper shredders for home use. Now, you can also find the best buy paper shredders for less on our price tracking pages.


Which Is The Best Womens Shaver At The Right Price?

Our women's consumer survey found out which is the best women's shaver. And we also found out where you can get it at the keenest price!


The Best Hot Air Brushes Cheaper

Through our latest consumer research we can tell you which is the best hot air styler. We can also help you find the best buy hot air brush at the cheapest price - find out more here.


The Best Cheap Ironing Boards

You’ll find the best cheap ironing boards here, and what a great investment, too. The best ironing tables have an amazing 10 year warranty!


Best Buys for Interdental Cleaners & Floss?

Having interviewed more than 5000 people we've come up with a definitive list of the best cheap interdental cleaners & floss.


Which is the Best Epilator to Buy? 2017

With the right Epilator you can effortlessly (and fairly painlessly) remove unwanted hair completely from legs, arms and (with the right attachment) under-arm hair.

Sensitive skin demands the best, canny buyers want the best cheapest. Find out which epilator to buy here…>>>


The Best Cheap Men’s’ (or Women’s’) Wet Razor 2017

With a keen edge, the wet razor (DE safety or cartridge) can shave closer than an electric shaver.

You want the best; you also want the best cheapest. So here’s our list of the best cheap wet razors for 2017.


Where to get the Cheapest Steam Irons (Updated for 2017)

All new and updated for 2017!

We’ve done our homework (so you don’t have to) and discovered the top 10 best irons in the UK today.

But, of course, you want more. You want the best iron at the cheapest price in Britain.

So, for a great bargain check out our cheapest steam irons page.


Cheap Electric Toothbrushes

A good electric toothbrush will help you maintain your teeth and gums between visits to the dentist or hygienist.

With the help of Best Buys Compared you can track down the best electric toothbrush for your needs. What’s more we’ll help you source that perfect rechargeable toothbrush at the best cheapest price. You’ll find the best buy electric toothbrushes 2017 here…>>>


Cheap 40 Inch TV

Today 40 Inch TVs come in 3 guises Full 1080p high definition for superb picture quality, plus add-ons like 3D-ready and/or Smart TV capabilities.

3D capability clicks in when you watch a 3D movie or subscribe to a 3D TV channel. Smart TV capability offers additional features accessed via the TV screen like web-surfing, downloadable content like movies and even Skype video telephone calls.

Whatever you choose, you’ll want a future proof 40 TV – that’s one with the right mix of connector slots on the side or back so you can quickly and easily connect up your recorders or subscription channel boxes.

40” TVs range from regular HD-ready models at around £250 up to around £750 for the latest 3D-ready and/or Smart models. But which is your best buy 40 inch TV? Find it here!


Which are the Best Cheap Hair Straighteners?

Hair straighteners are designed to quickly and safely dry your hair in straight tresses. The right model can also help you develop curls, waves or even crimps for a glamorous look.

Hair straightening irons range from very capable models at £25 up to an eye-watering £99 for the latest GHD models. But which is your best buy hair straightener? Learn more here.


Cheap Beard Trimmers

Beard trimmers are designed to trim & style facial hair including side-burns, moustaches, goatees, full beards and the stubble look. On the market is everything from Wahl’s £10 trimmer right up to Philips’ salon style shaver at around £100.

We’ll show you the way to the best buy beard trimmers for your money and facial hair styling needs. Learn where the bargains are on the best buy beard trimmers page…


Buy Hair Dryer

The humble hair dryer comes in many guises from around £15 up to £80 or more. There are dryers for home, travel and salon professional use. Some ionic hair dryers suit all three roles.

We show you how to get the best value for money, hair drying power and styling control.

Find out more on our best buy hair dryer page…


Best Buy Electric Shavers?

Electric shavers offer more than a simple close, comfortable shave. But, if that’s what you need we’ll show you the best buys at under £75.

However, if you are interested in using your electric shaver both wet or dry or you’d like the added peace of mind of a daily shaver clean and lubrication we also reveal the models users have nominated the best of breed.

You’ll find all the answers you need at the best buy electric shavers page…


Cheap Frying Pans?

Our nationwide price guide to the best cheap frying pans is here...


Best Value Saucepans?

We’ve searched the UK and can flag up the best value Saucepans now…

Where to find Cheap Steam Generator Irons

If you aren’t canny you could pay well over £150 for a mediocre steam generator iron.

What we’ve done is find the top 10 steam generators and the places in the UK where you can get these best buys at less than £150 and a few at £75 or less!

For the best deals visit our cheap steam generator irons 2013 today.

Best Buys Compared Price Research

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