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Braun 5780 Epilator Key Benefits

Make Braun 5780 Silk-épil Xelle
Overall Users' Satisfactiion rating 8.48/10
Ranked by users 10
Unwanted hair removal from:
Legs/arms/body Y
Sensitive/bikini line Y
Under arms Y
Face Y
Plucks hair to c0.5mm
Promises smoothness for c20 days
Reasonably painless hair removal:
Wet & dry? Y
Head pivots follows contours Y
Personalise speed slow/fast
Vibrating massage Y
Hair lift to cut Y
Ice glove Y
Olay cooling wipes  
Beginners cap  
Gentle cap (Sensitive)  
Precision Sensitive area cap clip on
Smoothing cap (for legs)  
Foil Shaver/trimmer head clip on
Efficiency cap clip on
Unwanted facial hair cap clip on
Useful tools:
Built in contrast light Y
Cordless Y
Exfoliation brush  
Pedicure file  
Luxury manual tweezer  
Embedded micro-conditioners  
Technical details
Number of tweezers 40
Tweezer Disk type Y
Battery endurance c40mins
Battery re-charge time c1hr
Battery recharger Y
2-pin plug Y
Washable  Y
Cleaning brush  


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