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We make it quick and simple to compare the best buys for you at-a-glance.

First we do our product research to find out which models are available now.

Then we find out from existing users the good and bad points about these models. And owners give a mark out of 10 too.

Finally, we put together our comparison tables to present the top models side by side. So you can see at-a-glance the points you need to look for to get both value for money and a task well done.

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Compare The Best eReaders

The latest eReaders offer the reader compelling functionality. These wireless electronic books are light-weight, can store up to one thousand titles, and display both free and paid-for content including books, newspapers, magazines and documents (TXT,PDF & HTML).

Our user survey among 9,244 eReader owners revealed the key qualities you should look for when buying the best electronic reader for your needs.

Compare the best eReaders here…>>>


Which 7” Tablet PC Is Best? 

A tablet PC delivers computing on the go and the chance to surf the net from anywhere in your home (or outside). These slate devices are light in weight but which has the best screen experience, most memory (for all those movies) and which is best value for your money?

Find out when you compare 7” Tablet PCs here…>>>


Which Stand Mixer Is Best?

Stand mixers can cope with one or several cake mixes at the same time. They will also make light work of mixing even the stickiest bread dough. But which is best? With the help of over 3,000 users we found the best buys:

See the Best Buys Compared stand mixer comparison here …>>>


Which PC Headset Is Best?

PC headsets offer combined headphone and microphone (that you can stow/switch off). They are great for gaming, listening to music or a film, Skype calls and internet chat. But which is your best buy?

Use our consumer survey findings to compare best PC headsets here …>>>


Which Are The Best Kitchen Scales? 

Digital kitchen scales (and some mechanical models) provide a precise means to measure ingredients for cooking , baking or dietry requirements. But which cook's measuring scales are best? Which display can be seen with a mixing bowl on the scales? Which manufacturer offers an incredible 15 year warranty? Our latest user-led market research tells you which kitchen scales are best? ...>>>


Which Is The Best Stick Blender?

An immersion or hand blender is one of those nifty gadgets that helps you to quick, nutritious food. But which will NOT scratch your non-stick pots and pans? And which offers handy add-ons like a balloon whisk and food chopper? Our latest research reveals which is the best stick blender ...>>>


Which Panasonic Phone Is Best Buy?

Panasonic phones lead the market for DECT landline phones. Our guide, based on a consumer survey and user-led recommendation shows you at-a-glance which models are good for your money. Which is the best Panasonic phone? Find it here...>>>


Which Cordless Phone Is Best?

What's the fuss about cordless phones for home or small business use? Over the past few years there's been a revolution in POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) phones, they've become cordless and digital (or DECT). You can now receive SMS text messages from mobiles, use your phone as a wake-up alarm and enjoy crystal clear digital clarity of sound. Which is the best cordless phone? Find it here and buy it for less...>>>


Which Oral Irrigator Is Best?

Unlike flossing or interdental brushes, a water jet is painless. Water flossing is also a solution for people who need to clean orthodontic braces or delicate bridge-work. But which of these "miricle" devices is the right investment for your teeth? See for yourself which is best on our compare oral irrigators page...>>>  


Which Is The Best Paper Shredder For Home Use (Or Personal Office Use)?

Compared to other forms of waste disposal paper shredders are safe, quick, convenient and, above all, effective. So see for yourself which is best on our compare paper shredders for home use page...>>>


Which Is The Best Shaver for Women?

Men's shavers often attract high user ratings, but not so women's shavers. Our consumer survey reveals which is the best shaver for women - according to women.


Which Is The Best Hot Air Brush? User Survey

A hot air brush dries moist hair, as you brush, tease and wind. The revolving hot air styler promises to add body and the appearance of volume to hair. You can also wind tresses to create natural waves and curls.

Our latest consumer survey reveals which Which Hot Air Brush is best? Find out more here... 


Which Is The Best Ironing Board? User Report

Many people involved with our on-going steam iron survey have told us which ironing board they use. There’s no doubt a flimsy ironing table will make heavy weather of the ironing pile and may give you neck and backache to boot.

Through our survey we’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff to determine which is the best ironing board and why… Now you can compare ironing boards at a glance here…>>>


Which Are The Best Interdental Cleaners & Floss 2017?

Interdental cleaners and floss are the unsung heroes of the bathroom. They can winkle out food debris, disrupt plaque and help clean around dental bridges or orthodontic braces. So which is the best? Find out with our compare interdental cleaners table here...>>> 

Which Is The Best Epilator? Report 2017

Epilators promise to remove unwanted body hair completely and deliver super smooth legs for up to three weeks at a time. But which models are up to the job? So far, we’ve interviewed almost 5,000 women to find the answer to: Which is the best Epilator?

Now, you too can compare epilators at-a-glance here…>>>


New Wet Razor User Satisfaction Research 2017

If you have the time, there’s something soothing about lathering up and carefully enjoying a close shave with a wet razor. In recent years the traditional, double edge safety razor has made a come-back against the proliferation of cartridge razors.

It seems, too, that many people use an electric shaver during the working week, but also a wet razor, too. Their reason? They prefer the closer, smoother shave for “going out” or at the week-end when time’s not so pressing.

You can compare wet razors side by side here…>>>


Steam Irons User Poll – Updated 2017

Just published February 2013 our new and updated Steam iron users’ poll.

We’ve extended our investigation into the ironing chore and surveyed owners to find the current top 10 steam irons and identify the best value models:

Compare irons 2017


Best Buys for Electric Toothbrushes – Latest Owner Research

Published January 2017: The Best Buys for Electric Toothbrush Ratings & Reviews Survey.

We’ve interviewed more than 4,500 people to tease out the nation’s best electric toothbrushes.

Now you can make use of our easy comparisons of the top rechargeable brushes to help maintain teeth and gums between trips to the hygienist or dentist.

Our research uncovered the most popular models and their users (with at least 6 weeks or more experience) helped us to answer the question: Which are the best electric toothbrushes for your hard earned money?

Compare electric toothbrushes 2017 here


Best Buys For 40 Inch TVs – Owner Research

We’ve interviewed more than 1,900 people to figure out the UK’s best 40 inch televisions. Now it’s over to you for an easy – at-a-glance - comparison of the top 40 TVs for great picture quality, acceptable sound and of course connection sockets!

You may also be interested in the latest 3D-Ready TVs and/or so-called SMART TVs (ones that can offer content from the web, internet surfing and even Skype video calls.

Owners of the most popular models have given us the benefit of their experience of connecting up and watching these TVs in order to answer the question: Which are the best 40 inch TVs for your money?

40 Inch TV comparison


Best Buys Compared – Hair Straighteners Comparison - New User Poll

We’ve interviewed over 3,000 people to find out the UK’s best hair straighteners. Now you, too, can consider the top models for swiftly and safely ironing hair straight. Or, if you prefer, you can add a curl, wave or even crimp. Current owners gave us the benefit of their experience to answer the question: Which are the best hair straighteners for your money?

Hair Straighteners comparison


Best Buys Compared Beard Trimmers Survey

You be the judge of top models for trimming & styling side-burn, moustaches, goatees, stubble and full beards. More than 1400 men gave us their opinions and experience to answer the question: Which beard trimmer is best?

Compare beard trimmers



Hair Dryers Compared – Consumer Report

You be the judge of top models for home, travel or salon professional use. With 1600 people in our research panel, we think we’ve answered the question – which hair dryer is best?

Compare hairdryers 2017



Electric Shaver Consumer Investigation And User Survey

Electric shavers come in two types - foil and rotary. Our user research uncovered the top 10 models that existing owners say could deliver you a close, comfortable shave.

Electric shavers compared 2017


Frying Pan Owner Survey

It’s been around for centuries and every household has one (or two): We set out to find the best value frying pan by asking the people who know – existing users:

Frying Pan Comparison 2017


Saucepans Set User Survey

If you have a pan you’ll also have saucepans. For setting up home, wedding gifts or just ringing the changes the right saucepan set offers value for money. But which is best?

We surveyed users to determine the Top 10 Saucepans:

Compare saucepans 2017


 Irons User Poll

We surveyed owners to find the top 10 steam irons and identify the best value models:


Compare irons 2017

Steam Generator Iron Owner Survey

Pressurised steam irons are big and expensive, but promise to reduce ironing time by – perhaps - half. Existing users revealed to us the top models:


Compare Steam Generator Irons 2017

Using our Best Buys for Comparison Tables

The key headings you will see in the Best Buys for comparison tables are:


Products are ranked using the Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating for the model (see below).

Top Ranked by Users

The owners of this model have consistently rated their purchase highly and propelled it to the top of the heap.

Best Buy tip

The top ranked model may be the best, but it’s not always the cheapest. Compare best buys for tips. These models are often keenly priced and still deliver great, dependable results.

Expect to pay around

This guide price was correct at the time of writing. However, prices change – and are often cheaper!

Use our UK-wide compare prices pages where we publish the daily three cheapest prices for a model.

Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating

This is a mark out of 10. We poll users after they have owned and used their product model for at least six weeks, often longer.

That’s long enough for favourable first impressions to fade and a model’s shortcomings to emerge.

A rating of 8/10 or above
indicates a great model – easy to use, fit for purpose and reliable.

Ratings in the range 6.00/10 – 7.99/10
indicate a model that could be great but probably has either ease of use or dependability issues.

Ratings 5.99/10 or less
Sorry, we’re only interested in the best buys for. We don’t publish these results. They suggest a model is either unfit for purpose and/or unreliable.

In our user surveys we ask buyers to give their model a mark out of 10 combining their opinions on value for money, ease of use, fitness for purpose and dependability.

We then take all the buyers marks – good or bad - for a given model and calculate an Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating.

Important functions and features

Clever marketing people try and bamboozle us with sales puff to claim their model the best.

However, our user surveys uncover the functions and features that actually define a best buy. Put simply, existing users/owners tell us what they value in their model.

We then find out whether other models have these attributes, or not. That means you can compare the top 10 models like for like.

Here’s to you – canny shopper – let our product comparison tables deliver you great value for money and the satisfaction of using a great product.

Here’s where, at-a-glance, you can compare the best buys in a category.