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Electric Toothbrush Ratings & Reviews Survey– UK 2017

In this Best Buy Electric Toothbrush Ratings & Reviews Survey 2017 we decided to consult the experts – existing UK owners and users of electric brushes from both Braun Oral-B and Philips Sonicare.

Cheaper electric toothbrushes hereTo date we’ve surveyed over four thousand five hundred people. However, because we wanted to bring you the best buys for your money we don’t cover brushes from either Crest or Panasonic. They just don’t score highly with home users of power brushes.

What you see on these pages are the results of the best buys for electric toothbrush survey 2017. We surveyed 4,570 owners who had owned and used their rechargeable electric brush for at least six weeks or more at the time of their review and rating.


Compare Electric Toothbrushes – At-a-glance

At Best Buys for we like to cut through marketing dross and techno babble. The best way we’ve found to produce reliable ratings and reviews is to ask users of a particular product to evaluate their purchase in a structured way.


User nominated recommendations   Oral-B 3000  Sonicare Flexcare HX6952 Twin Pack  Oral-B 400 Advance Power  Philips Sonicare HX9332 Diamond Clean  

Oral-B Trizone 3000  Philips Sonicare Kids HX6311  Oral-B 500 Triumph SmartGuide  Oral-B 1000 Professional Care  Oral-B 4000 Triumph  

Compare electric toothbrushes at a glance  

What people tell us is what matters to them - and probably you too. Things like:

• How do existing owners rate their rechargeable electric brush?
• How long does the battery charge last?
• Is there a sensitive setting for my teeth (or gums)?
• Is there a timer to help achieve that golden 2 minute teeth clean?
• Is a power brush safe to use on dental braces, bridges or implants

You’ll find these questions answered on the Compare Electric Toothbrushes page.

Which electric toothbrush is best? – Help me Choose

To help you choose the right rechargeable electric brush easily we’ve got two helpful pages.

Need a quick recommendation?

Help Me Choose - The Top electric toothbrushesFirst, if time is of the essence and you need a quick recommendation free of clutter check out our Top Electric Toothbrushes page. There you will find both rotating and sonic toothbrushes ranked by Users’ Overall Satisfaction rating.



Prefer in-depth recommendations?

Help Me Choose - The best electric toothbrushIf you’d prefer some in depth recommendations then try our Which Electric Toothbrush is best? page.

We’ve got the facts that users tell us make these four rechargeable toothbrushes your best buy tips:


Ranked  Top Electric Toothbrushes Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating Best buy? 
Oral-B 3000 


Best Buy 
Sonicare HX6952 FlexCare 2-Pack + UV Sanitiser 


Best Buy
Oral-B 400 


Best Buy 
Sonicare DiamondClean HX9332/04 


Best Buy 

And why these brushes are bought most often by people seeking to maintain their teeth and gums between dentist and hygienist visits:

Rechargeable Toothbrush 
Oral-B 5000 SmartGuide
Oral-B 500 
Oral-B 1000 
Oral-B 3000 

What is the Best Electric Toothbrush?

What is the best electric toothbrush? Well, the answer depends on two things: the rechargeable battery and the design of the brush head.

Take the Sonicare DiamondClean (rated 9.16/10 by owners). It has a handle that contains the motor, mechanism and battery. A full charge can deliver up to 21 days of use (at 2 minutes of brushing twice a day). The handle also has a toggle switch so you can select among the Diamond Clean’s modes: Normal clean, sensitive clean, polish or white teeth and gum massage.

On top of the handle you click on an electric toothbrush head. Now, here’s the thing. An electric toothbrush delivers superior plaque clearing results through the combination of its mechanism and this clip on brush head.

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Vs Philips Sonicare

There are two kinds of mechanism – “rotating oscillation” that’s proprietary to Braun Oral-B and “sonic” offered by both Oral-B and Philips Sonicare.

Don’t worry we’re not going into the technicalities of sonic vs rotating oscillation brushes. What we will say is this: there’s roughly a 60:40 split between ownership of the two types. The Oral-B oscillating brushes are a bit more popular – perhaps because they are easier to find and because their prices are cheaper.

Whichever mechanism you choose you’ll have a power toothbrush that gently pulses in your hand. All you have to do is slowly move it across your teeth and along the gum-line. The brush head will pulse, rotate back and forth and vibrate from side to side hundreds of times a second.

It this powered cleaning action that makes an electric toothbrush superior to a manual toothbrush. It’s very likely to make an appreciable difference to the health of the owner’s teeth within 30 days of use. That’s what responders to our survey told us at Best Buys Compared

This powered teeth-cleaning action causes the face of the toothbrush head to gently scrub at teeth, loosening and scrubbing away plaque bacteria that cause tooth decay. Slightly longer bristles at the brush edge or tip help to winkle out food debris.

Healthier teeth and gums is the principle promise of an electric toothbrush because:

Tireless, gentle scrubbing removes more dental plaque than a manual toothbrush. Plus you can make your gums healthier, polish teeth and even whiten teeth for a brighter smile. Sound appealing?

The Best Buys for Electric Toothbrushes Pro and Cons

Here’s the Best Buys for quick guide to the upside and downside of using a power toothbrush:

The Upside Pros

Effortless teeth cleaning

You can also massage gums

And you can brush round dental braces and these brushes are safe to use on dental bridges, implants and veneers – just ask you dentist or hygienist.

With the right toothpastes you can polish teeth or lift stains to whiten teeth naturally

When the brush head wears out you clip on a new one

Users report more positive feedback at their dental check-ups and (in some cases) smaller dental hygienist bills

The Downside Cons

To get results you still need to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day.

You can buy a manual toothbrush for £1 or less. To acquire an electric brush you need to invest between £10 and £150

Most electric toothbrushes have a battery endurance of around 7 days. You’ll pay more for a longer endurance.

When an electric brush runs out of charge it’s just a manual toothbrush. You need one with a low battery indicator.

The recharge stands are fitted with a 2 pin plug. You’ll need a shaver point in the bathroom or an adapter plug in another room for a recharge.

Most brushes recharge in around 8 hours. You’ll pay more for a quicker recharge time.

The Right Best Buy Electric Toothbrush for You

The right best buy electric toothbrush for you is a brush that:

• Is tough on plaque but gentle on teeth, gums, braces or dental implants
• Leaves your mouth feeling fresh
• Helps you lift stains to whiten teeth naturally
• Gets you congratulations from your hygienist or dentist
• But doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg

Cheap electric toothbrush?Times are hard, so why pay full price – if you don’t have to?

We’ll point you to British online stores where you can find the best rechargeable toothbrushes, but with a price tag you’ll usually find only on the cheapest electric brushes.

We – at Best Buys Compared - will guide you to the UK’s best online stores where you can find the right brush at a 50% OFF bargain price.

Wherever you live in Britain, you can benefit from the Best Buy Electric Toothbrush

Use Best Buys for to match your budget and dental care needs to an easy to use, light-weight, tireless, plaque removing, gum massaging and mouth freshening power toothbrush.

You’ll find the UK’s top ten choices through this Best Buys for Electric Toothbrush Ratings & Reviews Survey…