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Karcher Window Cleaner Review

Here are two Karcher Window Cleaner reviews (for the Karcher WV50 model). This is a yellow, hand-held vacuum-come-squeegee. What does it do? It wipes and sucks away water from windows, mirrors, wall tiles, coffee tables – in fact any flat surface.

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Karcher WV50 Window Vac Cheapest hereFirst you need to loosen grime with a spray of window cleaner solution. You then apply the Karcher window vacuum to clear away the dirty water, eliminate smears and get a shiny, dry window.

What the Karcher WV50 does is take away the bind of window buffing and the juggling of damp to dry clothes or newspaper, or whatever paraphernalia you used. In short the WV50 saves you time and delivers sparkling results.

You’ll also find the Karcher WV55 or Karcher WV50 Plus (with a wider squeegee). Or there’s the Karcher WV75 that more powerful, heavier and more expensive, too.

The Karcher Window Cleaner has a rechargeable lithium battery. It’s light enough to use one-handed. A 1.5 hour recharge delivers around 15-20 minutes of use.

But is it any good?

Yes – it effectively cleans dirt and grease off flat surfaces around the house. But don’t take our word for it. The 46 buyers and users, we interviewed, award this handy device an Overall Users’ Satisfaction rating of 9.46/10.


Karcher Window Cleaner Reviews & Owners Comments

Karcher WV50 Review by Gillian Welsh, Eastbourne, East Sussex

Karcher WV50 Window VacThe WV50 is a hand-held vacuum cleaner with a squeegee head. You spray glass cleaner onto the glass then run the squeegee over. The vacuum behind the squeegee head sucks up the run off and - voila – you have a no drip and no smear window cleaning experience.

I’m delighted with my Karcher window cleaner. Why? Because it does everything it claims to do.

I’ve got bad rheumatism in my shoulders and loads of floor to ceiling glass in my flat and outside on the balcony.

For me, the WV50 takes all the hard work out of window cleaning. There’s no more rubbing. No more buffing out annoying streaks.

It’s also great for a quick once over things like mirrors if you have careless flossers or shavers smearing the surface.

This gadget takes all the work out of cleaning flat surfaces. Before the Karcher it took me a good hour to clean all the windows (and rub out the smears). Now I can do the dreaded task in twenty minutes or so.

The run-off liquid goes into a small tank in the handle. I found it works well at any angle, provided there isn’t too much waste water in the tank. If you know the tank is filling up its best to work in vertical downward strokes.

Curiously, the instructions say don’t use it outside. Well, I’ve used it outside because that’s where I want to get results. No problems so far.

But, if you don’t rinse down dirty outside windows before starting dirt builds up on the squeegee head and you do start to get glass smears (never happened to me indoors).

Well, that’s my Karcher Window Cleaner review. My one gripe is the battery. It’s good for twenty minutes or so. It’s a race to get the job done before the gadget conks out. Then it’s a three hour re-charge. But, that’s my only complaint. I guess if they put in a heavier weight battery the device would become both heavy and unwieldy.

Karcher Window Vacuum Reviews – The Karcher WV50 Plus by Paul Wilson, Honor Oak, South London

This Karcher Window Cleaner review is of the Karcher WV50 Plus model. It comes with a separate spray bottle with a sponge head made of durable micro-fibre. You put window cleaning liquid into the bottle and use the micro-fibre sponge to loosen and clean the grime off a window. You then go over the window with the WV50 to get the glass dry, smear free and shining.

We’ve got two spaniels who like to leave their muddy paws all over the patio doors. Cleaning the mess off is a daily grind.

A work colleague mentioned the WV50 and let me borrow his one weekend. It cleaned the glass quickly and with no mess. You just spray, smooth the squeegee over the surface and you get shiny clean glass. No drips, no smears. Very easy.

Since then I’ve been converted and invested in my own Karcher window vacuum. I use it all over: on the shower door, mirrors, bathroom tiles and even kitchen floor tiles. It’s certainly labour saving.

This is one of those gadgets that if you demonstrate it to a friend they want one too.

Several times I’ve been taken in by exaggerated claims about “miracle” cleaning products. But not this time! The Karcher WV50 delivers exactly what it says on the box. Strangely, it’s now a pleasure cleaning windows and I find myself thinking of new uses. I’ve used it on the car windows. Sadly the rest of the car isn’t the right shape.

Its light weight, well-balanced and a doddle to use. The parts are well designed and robust. It’s easy to assemble (or dis-assemble without breaking).

This is, in effect, a motorised squeegee that collects dirty water. So no mess. Personally I don’t use the recommended Karcher cleaning agent I spray on a supermarket window cleaner, then vacuum clean and shine with the Karcher WV50. Delivers great results for me.

It’s perfect for flat windows of all sizes. No good on lead lattice though.

I’ll end my Karcher Window Vacuum review by observing the waste tank holds the dirty squeegee water from two good sized patio doors before it needs emptying.

That means, if you want to do any horizontal cleaning you should do it when you start up. Otherwise, you’ll find the waste water tank leaking back onto your cleaned surface.

[Editor’s note: Karcher recommends you use the WV50 with vertical downward strokes].

Karcher Window Cleaner What's In the Box?

Box Contents
• WV50 Window Vacuum
• 1 x 90mm Squeegee head
• 1 x Battery pack
• 1 x Battery recharger
• 1 x Illustrated instructions
• 1 x warranty/guarantee card

You can also get replacement squeegee heads and a wider 170mm model often referred to as the WV50 plus or WV55

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So, the Karcher WV50 window vacuum is a really useful device. To be really useful you have to initially help out by clearing away any stuck on dirt, grease and grime.

 You can then use the WV50 to maintain a clean and shiny appearance to your windows, mirrors, tiles, indeed any flat surface around the house.

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