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Rexel ProStyle Paper Shredder Review

The Rexel ProStyle 2102563 is a paper shredder for use in an home office. In larger offices it makes a useful personal, under-desk shredder. At a pinch it can also be used as a shared office resource.

Rexel ProStyle cheaper hereThe ProStyle 2102563 is a “pull out” paper shredder design. The waste basket has a viewing port. When full you simply pull out the waste basket like a drawer. This makes for less mess than a conventional “lift off” design. Ideal for busy office use.

The ProStyle is a cross-cut shredder able to chomp through up to 12 sheets of A4 in one pass. It’s a quick, convenient way to destroy unwanted private papers or confidential financial documents.

Secure destruction with a ProStyle 2102563 protects privacy and eliminates personal data from the clutches of identity thieves and fraudsters.

This particular Rexel ProStyle model first cuts paper into very thin strips, it then cross-cuts the strips into tiny rectangles 4x45mm in dimension. It has a security or DIN rating of DIN 3. This means the paper chaff produced is completely unreadable.

Rexel ProStyle 2102563- What’s in the Box?

1 x Rexel ProStyle 2102563cross-cut paper shredder
1 x Pull-out waste basket with viewing window
1 x illustrated user instructions
1 x 1 year guarantee

Rexel ProStyle 2102563 at a Glance Benefits

The Rexel ProStyle 2102563 is a classy pull-out waste basket model. The cutter head operation buttons are positioned on the edge of the case and the paper throat is wide. You can place this paper shredder beside or under a desk with ease.

ProStyle Ease of Operation

• The ProStyle 2102563 is suitable for home use or as a personal, desk-side/under desk shredder
• Clear simple operation instructions
• Relatively quiet for a cross cut shredder
• Shreds 8 sheets A4 with ease. Can shred up to 12 sheets in one pass
• Reverse function copes with jams
• 225mm paper throat width reduces chance of miss-feeds
• Chews up CDs/DVDs but deposits both plastic & paper in same bin
• DIN 3 security rating – 4x45mm shreds

Less Mess Waste

• Paper confetti falls into a roomy 20L mesh waste basket
• Stores shreds from around 200 sheets of A4
• You can see into the basket so know when to empty
• The paper shreds are compact
• Easy to dispose of waste in paper recylcling

One of the Best Paper Shredders but not Cheapest

At around £99 or less, the Rexel ProStyle 2102563 is not the cheapest shredder for home use. If budget is a consideration then consider as an alternative the Rexel Style Plus 2101946 with a price tag of around £35

All Rexel ProStyle 2102563 Benefits & Features


Model Rexel ProStyle & shredder 2102563
Overall Users' Satisfaction Rating 9.09/10
Home Office best buy Y
Office best buy Y
Expect to pay £99
Home or office use Small Office
Personal or shared Shared
Static or castors S
Cross-cut (XC) or ribbon cut (RC) XC
No sheets cut in 1 feed 12
Shred speed 2m/min
Continuous shred endurance 2 mins
Cool down period 20 mins
Lift off or slide out SO
Waste bin capacity 20L
Waste bin capcity in A4 sheets 200
Anti-dust waste bin Y
Shred paper clips Y
Shred staples Y
Shred credit cards Y
Shred DVD/CDs Y
Security rating DIN 3
Shred size 4x45mm
Throat width 225mm
Power Elec
SafeSense  #
Auto stop/start Y
Reverse Y
Thermal cut-out Y
Safety cut out on bin removal Y
WxDxH mm 420x210x420mm
Noise c70Db

Rexel ProStyle 2102563 Criticisms

It’s not cheap at around £99

Shreds aren’t deposited evenly. They can build up away from the waste bin viewing port and block the shredder, which appears empty to the casual viewer. Regular emptying is recommended.

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A cross cut paper shredder is the ideal tool in the constant battle to preserve privacy from the assault of identity thieves and fraudsters. Use a micro-cut shredder and you can securely destroy private papers, confidential documents and sensitive financial statements.

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