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Rexel Style Plus 2101946 – Paper Shredder Review

The Rexel Style Plus 2101946 is a paper shredder for occasional use in an office. It also makes a stylish and practical personal, under-desk shredder.

Get the Rexel Style Plus Cheaper Quicker HereThe Style Plus 2101946 is a “pull out” paper shredder design that Rexel has made its own. You can see into the enclosed waste-bin through a porthole. When the container is full you pull out the waste basket. Providing the bin is not over full this design makes for less mess than the “lift off” shredder type.

Compared to many shredders, the Style Plus is well designed. It has sleek lines, an intuitive operation and wide paper throat which helps avoid mis-feeds and potential jams. It’s also easy to move about.

On the down-side its compact frame means the 12L waste bin is quickly filled. There’s also a question mark over reliability if you believe a shredder should always be worked at full capacity.

Rexel claim the StylePlus can devour 7 A4 sheets in one pass. Many users suggest 4 sheets as a practical maximum.

Despite these minor shortcomings the 4x23mm cross-cut shreds are unreadable. This is a DIN 3 security rated machine. The Style Plus 2101946 is a quick and convenient way to render down unwanted private papers or confidential financial statements. That puts a stop to document based identity fraud.

Rexel Style Plus 2101946 - What’s in the Box?

1 x Rexel Style Plus 2101946 cross-cut paper shredder
1 x Pull-out waste basket with viewing window
1 x illustrated user instructions
1 x 1 year guarantee

Rexel Style Plus 2101946 at a Glance Benefits

The Rexel Style Plus 2101946 is a neatly styled, compact and unobtrusive, pull-out drawer waste bin model. The operation buttons are positioned on the leading edge of the case and the paper throat is reasonably wide. That means you can place this paper shredder almost anywhere: on your desk, under the desk or beside it.

Style Plus Easy to Operate

• The Style Plus 2101946 is suitable for a home office or as a personal, desk-top/desk-side/under desk low endurance shredder
• Simple to operate – starts shredding as paper enters the throat
• Relatively quiet for a cross cut shredder
• Shreds 3-4 sheets A4 with ease. Can shred up to 7 sheets in one pass
• Reverse function cures jams
• 220mm paper throat minimises chance of miss-feeds
• DIN 3 security rating – 4x23mm shreds

Potentially Less Mess

• Paper fragments fall into compact 12L waste drawer
• Stores shreds from around 100 sheets of A4
• You can see into the bin so know when to empty
• The paper particles are compact
• Easy to dispose of waste in paper recycling

One of the Best Cheap Paper Shredders

At around £35 or less, the Rexel Style Plus 2101946 is one of the best cheap paper shredders, particularly if you want a smallish, un-obtrusive or desk-top shredder.

All Rexel Style Plus 2101946 Benefits & Features


Model Rexel Style Plus
Overall Users' Satisfaction Rating 8.59/10
Home Office best buy
Office best buy
Expect to pay £45.00
Home or office use Home Office
Personal or shared Personal
Static or castors Static
Cross-cut (XC) or ribbon cut (RC) XC
No sheets cut in 1 feed 7
Shred speed 2m/min
Continuous shred endurance 2min
Cool down period 20 mins
Lift off or slide out SO
Waste bin capacity 12L
Waste bin capcity in A4 sheets c120
Anti-dust waste bin Y
Shred paper clips #
Shred staples Y
Shred credit cards Y
Shred DVD/CDs #
Security rating DIN3
Shred size 4x23mm
Throat width 220mm
Power mains
SafeSense  #
Auto stop/start Y
Reverse Y
Thermal cut-out Y
Safety cut out on bin removal Y
WxDxH mm 200x380x370mm
Noise c70DB

Rexel Style Plus 2101946 Criticisms

The 12L waste bin is quickly filled.

The waste-bin needs to be checked and emptied frequently. If the bin becomes overfull it chokes off the shredding action.

Frequent use a maximum capacity of 7 A4 sheets in one pass can cause the machine to labour and strip nylon gears causing failure.

The practical feed through rate is more like 3-4 sheets in one pass.

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A cross cut paper shredder is the practical way to defeat document based identity fraud, maintain privacy and preserve confidentiality.

A confetti shredder will securely destroy both paper and staples (but not paper clips). It will render paper work into unreadable chaff that can be placed in paper recycling with peace of mind.

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