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Which Epilator to Buy? – Great Grooming Results for Less

Which epilator to buy? Will you settle for any old cheap epilator? Or would you prefer the best epilator at the cheapest price in Britain?

Epilators are likely cheaper here...Use Best Buys Compared owner research to determine the right wet or dry hair removal tool for your beauty needs.

Help me choose - See user-led recommendations here…>>>

Then, take advantage Help me choose - See user-led recommendations here…>>>of our UK-wide price research service to bag the top epilators at 50% or more OFF MRP.

Does that feel good for you? It does? Well read on because we track only the best deals submitted by trusted UK retailers.

Take these top wet or dry epilators as an example.

Each is the rotating disk tweezer type and highly rated by their owners at 8.5/10 or above. Yet you can pick up one of them for just £30 - perhaps less. And check out the Braun 7871 page – it could well be on offer at greatly reduced prices:



The Top 8 Women’s Epilators UK

Users recommend  Braun 7871  Braun 7681  Panasonic ESWD42  Philips HP6250

Rank  Model 

Overall Users’ Satisfaction rating* 

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Braun 7871 


Best Buy 

For attachments & user satisfaction

Braun 7681 


Best Buy 

For capability

Panasonic ES-WD42 



Philips HP6520 



Braun 5180 



Remington EP6020 



Remington EP6030C 


Best Buy

Good for the price

Philips HP6572  


Best Buy

Good for the price

*Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating. How all users rated their experience of their painless hair removal tool after 3 months use.

Braun 5180  Remington EP6020  Remington EP6030  Philips HP6572 Epilator

Cheap Epilators – BUT only Top-rated

Here, at Best Buys Compared we price research for the best value top rated epilators from:

• Braun
• Panasonic
• Philips
• Remington

Our research among women who use epilators to remove body hair has yielded the top 10 unwanted hair removal tools in the UK.

BUT, you may still like us to help you choose.

That’s why we’ve also compiled a “best buy for” page. There you will get the low down on what makes your best value choice of the top epilators for legs, body, the bikini line and under-arm.

By that we mean a reliable hair grooming device that’s safe, easy to use and fairly painless in operation. Oh yes, and it should also be excellent value for money.

A hair plucker should also be able to cope with even the shortest hairs on your legs, arms, body or under-arms. And, yes, there are a few models that offer facial epilation, too.

Our price-research service offers you plain English facts and a guide to the lowest prices across Britain.

Check out the best prices and determine which epilator to buy here at Best Buys for.

Which is the Best Epilator to Buy?

Best Buys Compared helps people like you locate the cheapest UK prices on the top epilators from Braun, Panasonic, Philips and Remington.

We do that by asking owners (with at least 3 months experience) which is the epilator to buy? Our survey of 4,890 women produced the following list of fairly painless, hair plucking beauty tools:

Users Voted Braun Silk- épil Models to the Top Spots

Braun 7871  Braun 7681  Braun 5180  Braun 5780


User rating*  Model  Ranked by users  Wet/dry  Legs  Sensitive  Underarm  Face
8.85/10  Braun 7871  1st 


8.73/10  Braun 7681  2nd 


8.67/10  Braun 5180  5th 


8.48/10  Braun 5780  10th 


8.43/10  Braun 7381  11th 



* Overall Users’ Satisfaction Rating. How all users rated experience of their hair removal tool after 3 months use.

Users’ gave this Panasonic Epilator come Pedicure Pride of Place

Panasonic ESWD42  


User rating* Model  Ranked by users  Wet/dry  Legs  Sensitive  Underarm  Face 
8.71/10  Panasonic ES-WD42  3rd 


Solid User Ratings and reliability from Philips Epilators

Philips HP6250  Philips HP6572 Epilator  Philips HP6508 Unwanted hair removal tool 


Overall Users’ Satisfaction rating  Model  Ranked by users  Wet/dry  Legs  Sensitive  Underarm  Face
8.69/10  Philips HP6520  4th 


8.51/10  Philips HP6572  8th 


8.49/10  Philips HP6508  9th 


8.37/10  Philips HP6403  12th 


8.35/10 Philips HP6577  13th 


8.32/10  Philips HP6576  14th 


Owners Rate both the Reliability & Price of Remington Hair Removal Tools

Remington EP6020  Remington EP6030 


Overall Users’ Satisfaction rating Model  Ranked  Wet/dry  Legs  Sensitive  Underarm  Face 
8.60/10 Remington EP6020  6th 


8.53/10  Remington EP6030C  7th 


Top Epilator Reviews – to Help You Choose

There are loads of unwanted hair removal tools available in the UK. So, choosing the right one at the right price can seem daunting.

What we do at Best Buys for is simple: We survey people who already own an epilator and ask them to rate their beauty grooming tool for dependability, effectiveness, ease of use and – of course – value for money.

We then gather all these individual ratings together to come up with an overall users’ satisfaction rating per model. We put the results into handy tables so you can review the best epilators at-a-glance.

That means you can benefit from the practical experience of owners who’ve used these beauty tool to remove unwanted hair from legs, arms, body, the bikini line and under arms.

The things that matter in unwanted hair removal are simple: A design that tweezers hairs fairly painlessly, attachments that allow precision and results that leave legs smooth and visibly clear of hair for a reasonable length of time.

Let our best epilator reviews be your guide to buying the hair removal tool for your beauty needs.

At-a-Glance Which Epilator to Buy

At Best Buys Compared our user-led market research shows you at-a-glance which epilator to buy. We also provide daily updates on the 3 lowest prices per model across the UK.

Consider any of the epilators ranked here. They are the undisputed top 10 hair removal beauty tools in Britain.

That means you – prudent shopper – can take the best deal without dragging yourself through the Mall or wasting time in the supermarket.

So, you’ve come to the right place if you want to know the answer to which epilator to buy...

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