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Which Hair Straighteners Are Best? Our UK Survey Results

Hair Straighteners Likely Cheaper Here...Which Hair Straighteners Are Best? That’s the question we set out to answer in our nationwide survey.

We’ve interviewed just over 3,000 UK people. That means we’re qualified to help you cut through the confusion of choice and pick the best hair straighteners for your hair.

The users who contributed to our investigation have had used their straighteners for six weeks or more.

With their help we’ve been able to answer the question: Which hair straighteners are the best?

7 Things You Should Look for in a pair of Hair Straighteners

We all know what a pair of hair straighteners looks like: They’re a pair of narrow tongs. Each arm carries a pad – a hair ironing plate. You run the straightener down a tress of hair to lock in straightness and reveal shine.

User nominated recommendations    H2D wide   Remington S3500   GHD Gold Mini   TRESemme 2066U     

 BaByliss 2098BU   Remington S8500   GHD MkIV Salon Styler Wide   Remington S6500   Remington S9950  


Alternatively, you can wrap a tress of hair round the straightener’s barrel to make a wave or light curls. That’s what makes a good straightener a versatile beauty tool.

Here are the seven qualities of an ideal straightening iron that will help you get the hair style you want, quickly, effectively and without damaging the follicle:

• Precise heating controls
• Slippery ceramic hair ironing plates
• An ionic anti-frizz facility
• Wider plates if you have longer or thicker hair
• A rounded barrel on each arm
• A power cord that’s 2.5 to 3 metres long
• A hibernation or auto-shut down facility

Your best buy hair styling iron will have this important functionality:

So, which hair straighteners are best? Answer: models that have all these qualities. And the top 10, found through our owner poll, have this top-rated functionality.

Find out more in our article: What to look for in the best hair straighteners

The UK’s Top 10 Hair Straighteners

Help Me Choose - The Top 10 Hair StraightenersWe put together our top 10 Hair Straighteners table with feedback from the users we polled. Here’s the crème de la crème of UK hair straightening irons together with some of the key benefits cited by owners:



Rank Model  Overall Users' Satisfaction rating  Expect to Pay around  Ceramic Plates Ionic  Embedded shine  Precise heat  Help me choose 
H2D Wide Straighteners  9.82/10  £55  Wider Best Buy
Remington S3500  9.65/10  £20  Longer  Best Buy
GHD Mini Styler Gold  9.42/10  £95  Standard 
TRESemme 2066U  9.35/10  £25  Wider  Best Buy
BaByliss 2098BU Elegance  9.27/10  £40  Longer 

Please click through this link for the Top 10 Hair Straighteners in the UK right now.

Compare Hair Straighteners At-a-Glance

Compare Hair Straighteners at a glanceWe surveyed just over three thousand people, in order to discover the UK’s most popular hair straightening irons.

Having found out which are the most popular straighteners (according to owners) we set out to find just what it is that makes a top-rated hair straightening iron.

We’ve put our findings in an easy to use table. You’ll find it here at the hair straighteners comparison page.

Which is the Best Hair Straightener for You?

Which Hair Straightener is best?From our investigation into hair straightening irons we found out from owners what matters to them - and probably you too. Things like:

• How do existing owners rate their straighteners?
• How long is the power cord?
• Can you adjust the heating to suit your hair?
• How quickly do the straighteners heat up?
• And can you curl as well as straighten?

So, which hair straightener is the best? You’ll find these questions answered on the best hair straighteners page.

How Much Should You Pay for the Best Value Hair Styling Irons?

Cheap hair straightenersWe say don’t buy the cheapest straighteners when you can buy the best straighteners cheaply. How does 50% off sound? You can pick up a top model for as little as £20.

Here are some of our top-rated straighteners for £25 or less:


Model   Overall Users' Satisfaction rating  Expect to pay around  Help me choose 
Remington S3500  9.65/10  £20  Best Buy
TRESemme 2066U  9.35/10  £25  Best Buy

You’ll find more great bargains from names like H2D, Remington and GHD on our best cheap hair straighteners page.

A Reliable Best Buy Hair Straightener for You

Wherever you live in the UK Best Buys Compared can help you track down the best value hair straightener for you.

Best Buys Compared is the practical way to make your hard earned cash go further. We survey the people who really know their subject: the owners who’ve paid for their straightener and used it for 6 weeks or more.

And we provide a price-check service so you can get the best for less.

You deserve a reliable, wave smoothing and beauty enhancing hair styling iron. Not a cheap and nasty flat iron.

So, which hair straightener is the best? You’ll find the answer here on these pages…